Posted on: November 26, 2012 6:17 pm

Irish prove no playoff is needed

College Foorball, thought of by many, myself included, to be the most exciting sporting event.  The argument that NCAA Football regular serves as the playoff, and I believe this to be true.  With college sports being a league of 100+ teams it would be impossible to put in a playoff system, with division winners and wild cards that would ensure the top teams get in.  Lets take a look at this season, and how a 4 team playoff would look:

#1 Notre Dame - easy choice, only unbeaten, no need to debate.

Now we have 3 spots we need to figure out who gets to dance.

1 loss teams (if Alabama wins SEC Title)
Alabama - SEC Champs, lost at home to Texas A&M, wins over Georgia, @LSU
Florida - Lost to Georgia, wins @ Texas A&M, LSU, @FSU (ACC Champs), South Carolina
Oregon - Lost to Stanford, won @ Oregon St
Kansas St. - Big 12 Champs, loss @ Baylor, won @ Oklahoma

2 loss teams
Georgia - lost @ South Carolina, Alabama, won vs Florida
LSU - lost vs Alabama, @ Florida, wond vs South Carolina, @ Texas A&M
Texas A&M - lost to Florida, LSU, won @ Alabama
Stanford - Pac 12 Champ lost @Washington, @ND, won @ Oregon
South Carolina - lost @LSU, @Florida, won vs Georgia, @ Clemson
Nebraska - Big Ten Champ, lost @ UCLA, @Ohio St
Florida St - ACC Champ, lost @ NC State, Florida

If we are just considering 1 loss teams for the final four I think it would be Alabama, Florida and Kansas St.  Now we would have a debate between Florida, Oregon and Kansas St, with no one having a problem with Alabama getting in because lets face it, they are Bama.  Argue it anyway you want, its not fair with one of those teams getting left out.  I left Oregon out because they have the weakest signature win and did not win their conference.  After a few years of outrage of someone on the bubble not making the playoffs they decide to move it to 8 teams.  YES, finally!!!  Now we have:
1. Notre Dame
2, Alabama
3. Florida
4. Kansas St
5. Oregon

The SEC fans will say simple, just let LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina and you have an elite 8.  The debate will always exist which is why if you lose a game you know you have no right to the title game.  If you end up there thats great for you, but if you dont you only have yourself to blame.  Is it perfect? No! But we went decades of letting sprots writers who have no clue about the game decide our National Champ.  

As a lifetime fan of Notre Dame football I know each week is a playoff game.  Whether its Navy, Wake Forest, or Oklahoma and USC, if you lose, the entire country is watching, and waiting...


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